Greenmeadow Primary School

Year 3 - Mrs Webster & Mrs Sainsbury

Welcome to our class webpage - Our Teaching Assistants this year are Mrs Keel  and Miss Kuiper


Welcome to Term 6! 

To continue making your learning fun at home

we will carry on with weekly themes. 

Our final theme this term is 'Oceans'. 

You might want to create your own term 6 topic folder or book of work. Maybe, take the theme further and create artwork, your own experiments, extra pieces of writing (poetry, stories).

             If you complete the tasks or any extra work, please email pictures through to our new class email shown below. These can be shared on the school Facebook page or our class webpage.



Mission 2 Reading Comprehension Great Barrier Reef

Mission 3 Layers of the ocean

Mission 4 Writing - Message in a bottle

Mission 5 Writing Under the sea riddles

Mission 6 Under the sea tally chart

Mission 7 - Under the sea art ideas and Directed Drawing








There are comprehension texts and  EBOOKS, complete with

resources on the English page which can be found by clicking on the

curriculum link or click here for year 3.




Click here to White Rose Year 3

There is no more Can Do Maths for this term.

Please complete the My Maths and White Rose Maths. 

For access to the most recent maths,

TERM 6 WEEK 6 6th July Click here for year 3

TERM 6 WEEK 5 29th JUNE Click here for year 3 n

TERM 6 WEEK 4 22nd JUNE Click Here for year 3

TERM 6 WEEK 3 15th June Click here for year 3. 

TERM 6 WEEK 2 8th June Click here for year 3.

JUNE 1st click here for year 3. 

MAY Pack 3 (18/05/2020) click here for year 3.

May Pack 2 (11/05/2020) click here for year 3

For access to May Pack 1 (04/05/2020)click here for year 3

For access to the pack for April part 2 click here for year 3.

For access to the pack for April part 1 click here for year 3

For access to the pack from March click here for year 3.


This link will show you CanDo Maths in action

These answer booklets are here to help you as well.

JULY 6th Year 3

JUNE 29th Year 3

JUNE 22nd Year 3

JUNE 15th Year 3

JUNE 1st Year 3

MAY Pack 3 (18/05/2020) Year 3

MAY Pack 2 11/05/2020 Year 3

MAY Pack 1 04/05/2020 Year 3

April part 2 Year 3

April part 1 YEAR 3

March YEAR 3


In addition to the parent packs that we have provided from CanDo maths – which we would like the children to work on each day, The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a maths lesson for each day of the week. They will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks. These lessons also cover mathematic subject areas that are relevant to the children. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. We suggest you start at week 1 day 1. You can find all the resources you need at







Resources you will need for week 6

Mission 2 Geography - Famous Australian Landmarks

Mission 3 - Reading Comprehension

Mission 4 English Writing

Mission 5 - Art - Directed drawing

Mission 6 PE and Writing

Mission 7 Food Glorious Food!





Resources you will need for week 5

Mission 2 Reading Comprehension

Mission 3 Compare the weather Australia vs The UK

Mission 4 Writing - Comparing The UK with Australia

Mission 5 Season wheel

Mission 6 - Maths comparing data and creating bar charts

Mission 7 ART


Mission 2 Meerkat Mail

Mission 3 English Writing instructions

Mission 3 English Fact Files for animals

Mission 4 Sorting animals

Mission 5 ART Images to use for inspriration

Mission 6 Mini Beast Hunt




Mission 2 Habitat Sort

Mission 3 Speech planning sheet

Links for ideas to help you with your speech mission 3

Mission 4 Out and about maths

Mission 5 The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson






Mission 3 Leaf detective

Mission 4 Voices in the Park Activity


Mission 6 Layers of the Rainforest Presentation

Link for the geography rainforest video 

Mission 6 Layers of the rainforest activity

Mission 6 Layers of the rainforest answers





Documents need for Term 6 Week 1

Mission 1 BUILD IT - Science Experiments

Mission 3 Recycling scavenger hunt

Mission 4 Dinner Table Debate on the Environment 

MISSION 5 - Reading Comprehensions for the week 

READING Comprehension AIR POLLUTION Year 3

Reading Comprehension Greta Thunberg Year 3

Reading Comprehension End Plastic Pollution Year 3

Reading Comprehension All About Palm Oil Year 3



Mission 6 ART Recycled Objects ideas



High Frequency word spellings to practice click here.



Below you will see a suggested timetable of what your daily routine could look like



Class messages


Please ensure that your child always comes into school with a coat, especially with the weather getting colder.


Water bottles

Please provide your child with a water bottle every day. This is as well as a drink in their lunch box if they are having a packed lunch.



We have PE 2 times during the school week - on Tuesday and Thursday. All children must have their PE kit in school every day to ensure that they can participate. We will continue to do PE outside once a week so please provide your child with appropriate clothing eg: tracksuit and trainers.

Girls need to have earrings covered and hair tied back. Please also ensure that children have their name in each part of their kit! If your child is unable to take part in PE due to illness or injury, please notify me in writing including the reason for non-participation.

Please have your child's name in all of their clothes and belongings!


Children are expected to read 5 times a week and record it in their reading records. Children will be able to change their books when they have completed them.  




We have reviewed the spelling system used currently and have decided to adapt it to suit the children’s current learning needs. The children will still have spellings from the spelling pattern given out plus high frequency words taken from the national curriculum year 3/4 list.



Below is an example of the cursive script we use in school, If you would like to practice at home please feel free.



If there are any questions, please come and see me or make an appointment for a time after school.


Thank you for your continued support!