Greenmeadow Primary School

Curriculum and Learning


Our vision, values, aims and ethos set the agenda for our curriculum. Our curriculum encompasses the requirements of the national curriculum, our expectations and our aspirations for the children at Greenmeadow. 

We view our curriculum not only as the subjects that are taught, but the experiences that we build into a school year. for example: charity days, enterprise week, theme days, stem projects, eco projects, competitions, visitors to the school, events in school, school plays, assemblies, after school clubs etc. We believe that these activities compliment and enrich our children's journeys. 

Our curriculum also aims to teach children how to learn and how to keep themselves fit, safe and well. We consider everyone at Greenmeadow to be learners. There is an expectation that the adults and the children are constantly learning and developing their knowledge, skills and understanding of life. To promote a love of learning is an essential component of equipping our children for their futures. Our PSHE, sports, PE, e-safety and pastoral programmes educate our children about how they can look after themselves both physically and mentally.

Through dance, drama, music, art & design, we provide opportunities for children to develop their artistic creativity. We also recognise that for some children, creativity can be seen in developing a computer program, writing a story or poem, creating an impassioned argument for a debate in geography or history or creating the perfect opportunity to score a goal!  

We provide opportunities for our children to participate in school life in different ways:

  • representing the school at sports competitions, at dance festivals, at music/singing festivals, at interschool spelling competitions
  • participating on our committees: eco-committee, school council, as e-safety ambassadors or as play leaders
  • as one of the many duties that we entrust to the children e.g. librarians, house captains, munch monitors etc

It is the "curriculum package" that supports the development of our children, holistically, towards being educated citizens, contributing members of our society and increasing their appreciation of what makes them uniquely who they are: what captures their interest, what they are good at, what their beliefs are and what they want to be. 

As the world changes, our curriculum is adapted to help our children prepare for living and working in our society.


Subject content, skills and understanding are organised systematically, ensuring a logical and coherent journey though each child's learning.

When the children enter the school, we continue their EYFS experience through an integrated approach, which includes : communication and language, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, expressive arts and designing and making.

As the children progress into key stage 1/2, a broadly topic approach, often led by a history or geography focus, continues to develop children's learning.

To find out more about the curriculum, please speak to our class teachers. 

Year Overviews 

The following documents are provisional curriculum plans detailing the topics to be covered in each year group.  If you would like to know more about the curriculum in your child's year group, please speak with your child's teacher. 

Provisional EYFS 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 1 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 2 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 3 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 4 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 5 2020-2021 Year Overview

Provisional Year 6 2020 -2021 Year Overview