Greenmeadow Primary School

Internet Safety

The internet is useful and fun, and is safe as long as you follow some basic rules. If you are have any questions or concerns, don't keep quiet: talk about it to your teacher. If you are very worried, click the button above to contact the police. 

Safe: Be safe by keeping personal information to yourself

Meeting: Don't meet online contacts unless an adult is there

Accepting: Don't open emails or attachments unless you know the sender

Reliable: Not everything or everyone on the internet can be trusted

Tell: Tell your teacher or a parent if you are uncomfortable or unsure

Our school E-Safety contact is Mrs Chandler.  You can also contact Mrs Mackinnon.

If you wish to report an online safety incident, please email 

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To use some social media apps or games, children might persuade a parent to input their age as older than their actual age. This is only an instant solution. As the child grows up, the algorithm in the app will drop any child filters when it believes the user is 18. The young app or game user is then exposed to content which is suitable for adults.

For example, for an app or game that has an age limit of 13, an 8 year old who signs up will be treated as an adult when they reach 13 years of age. 
Please follow this link for more information:

What are social media algorithms? Advice for parents and carers

What is the app age rating?


Below are PowerPoint presentations we shared with the children encouraging them to think about being safe online at all times.

For advice from Richard at The Stay Safe Initiative, please click on this link


Please click here for the UK Safer Internet Centre website


Please click here for information on Discord



Please click here for information on Whatsapp.


Please click here for information on TikTok.


Please click here for information on Roblox.

Fortnite Battle Royale 

Please click here for information on Fortnite.


Please click here for information on Snapchat 



Please click here for information on Omegle


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: What are your children watching?

It has come to our attention that some children are referencing a recent Netflix programme called Squid Game. This programme has an age rating of 15, due to the fact that there are unsuitable scenes for children in each episode and therefore it is not suitable for any primary aged children.

Please click here for more information. 

There is a strong possibility that your child/ren may have heard about this programme through other media such as YouTube videos or games. We would just encourage parents to be mindful and vigilant about the media their children are consuming and monitor what they are accessing. We would also like to stress that if your child/ren have become aware of these inappropriate games and programmes, they should not be discussed amongst other children in school. 

Please can we ask for your support in ensuring that programmes watched and games children play are appropriate for their age. 


Family Contact Point- 01793 466903

NSPCC safeguarding helpline- 0808 800 5000

Screentime usage