Greenmeadow Primary School

School Council

Our School Council consists of two children from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. Every autumn term nominated children from the class, prepare a manifesto to present to their class. The class then vote for their two representatives.

School Council members usually meet about every two weeks. At the beginning of the year they research and discuss projects for the year ahead. Some of the previous projects include the KS2 Outdoor Gym Trail. The School Council helped to select companies to be approached and interviewed their sales representatives. They had a say in the company that was selected and in the final design.

The School Council play a large part in the organisation of activities for our designated charities. For example, they have helped with getting the Christmas Shoe Box operation ready previously . In addition to this they have designed posters for healthy snacks and planned and delivered anti-bullying assemblies. Council members have liased with their own classes about playground organisation and activities. They have contributed ideas towards the revamp of the KS2 Quiet area.  The School Council recently planned questions and interviewed candidates for our recent Head Teacher post.

School Council members hold the post for one year.



Every class in the school has voted for two children to represent their class on the Eco-Council.

The Eco-Council members will meet twice a half term where they will discuss targets made last year, upcoming events, litter picking schedules, recycling and 'eco' ideas / information to pass onto their classes.

Last year, the Eco-Council wanted to focus on the school grounds being cleaner, which involved beginning to litter pick. They also wanted to recycle more and introduce the idea of recycling bins in every classroom. At the end of last year, the members became light monitors to help reduce the use of electricity in the classroom.

This year, our new Eco-Council members will working with their classes towards new targets/goals for the school to achieve, as well as carrying on with the hard work from last year.