Greenmeadow Primary School


At Greenmeadow Primary School, we understand the importance of regular and punctual attendance at school so that we can achieve our best. We want our children to attend regularly in order to take advantage of the educational opportunities that we offer to them. For us, every lesson matters.


You can support your child by:

  • Ensuring regular and appropriate bedtimes
  • Follow an evening routine so your child knows bedtime is coming
  • Get ready the night before – this can make the morning much easier!
  • Make a healthy breakfast so your child is ready for the day ahead
  • Let us know if you, or your child, have any concerns so we can deal with them promptly
  • Build a positive relationship with your child about school – find out what they have been up to and celebrate their successes
  • Leave enough time in the morning to get to school so that your child can be in the door with their class when the day starts
  • Try to ensure that appointments are arranged for outside school hours
  • Ensure that the office is kept informed of up-to-date contact information such as telephone numbers