Greenmeadow Primary School


Headteacher                                      Mrs Mackinnon

Deputy Headteacher                           Mrs Vaughan


Teaching Staff

 Year 6

Miss Hitchcox

Year 5/6

Mr Urban

Year 5

Mrs Schofield

Year 4

Mrs Chandler

Year 3

Miss Coffey


Mrs Kersey

Year 1

Miss Pallett

Reception / Foundation

Miss Piercy


Additional Teaching Staff:

Mrs Webster


Mrs Vaughan teaches in classes and has a responsibility for SEND


Staff with responsibility for safeguarding:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead and Teacher for Looked After  Children is Mrs Mackinnon

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Kersey

If you have a concern, all of these staff can be contacted via the school office or by emailing: 


Teaching Assistants

Miss Wheelhouse

Miss Willis

Mrs James

Miss Compton

Miss Tait

Mrs Vines

Mrs Russell

Mrs Crossland

Miss Byrne

Mrs Parry

Miss Nicholson

Miss Trace

Miss Weston

Miss Rachael

Miss Guvercin

Miss Pai

Miss Bourne


Support Staff

Mrs Collier - School Business Officer

Mrs Chandler - Admin Officer

Mrs Humphries - Admin Officer

**These staff work in the office** If you have any enquiries, please email 


Breakfast Club 

Miss Taylor

Mrs James

Miss Compton

Mrs Vines


Site Staff

Mr Young -  Site Manager


Mrs Young - Cleaner

Mrs Spencer - Cleaner

Miss Styles - Cleaner


Data Protection Officer - Ben Craig - SchoolPro