Greenmeadow Primary School



Headteacher                                      Mrs Mackinnon

Deputy Headteacher                           Mrs McDonald

Assistant Headteacher                         Mrs Vaughan 


Teaching Staff


Year 6

Miss Hitchcox

Year 5/6

Mr Ruck

Year 5

Mrs Schofield

Year 4

Mrs Chandler

Year 3

Miss Pallett


Mrs Vaughan / Mrs McDonald

Year 1

Miss Roberts

Reception / Foundation

Miss Piercy


Mrs Vaughan teaches in classes and has a responsibility for SEND


Staff with responsibility for safeguarding:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Mackinnon

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs McDonald and Mrs Vaughan

If you have a concern, all of these staff can be contacted via the school office or by emailing


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wheelhouse

Miss Bluck

Miss Willis

Mrs James

Miss Compton

Mrs Fillon-Payoux

Mrs Harman

Mrs Vines

Mrs Tyler

Mrs Russell

Mrs Konigkramer

Mrs Crossland


Support Staff

Mrs Collier - School Business Officer

Mrs Chandler - Admin Officer

Mrs Humphries - Admin Officer

**These staff work in the office** If you have any enquiries, please email 


Mr Young -  Site Manager


Breakfast Club 

Miss Taylor

Mrs James

Miss Compton

Mrs Fillon-Payoux


Mrs Young - Cleaner