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English develops children’s ability to speak, read and write for a range of purposes. Through the study of English, children are able to communicate their ideas and emotions to others as well as allowing them to access the wider curriculum. Through reading children can build on what they already know acquiring new knowledge, gaining a wider understanding of the world.


At Greenmeadow we teach writing to:

  • Present yourself confidently to, and within, the wider world
  • Express yourself actively, effectively and efficiently
  • Communicate with others
  • Encourage imagination and creativity
  • Express opinions, viewpoints, emotional range and character
  • Chronicle the past, contribute to the future and construct the future
  • Imitate styles, voices and vocabulary choices and expand our own versions through the writing process
  • Expand skills and knowledge to apply in everyday life, opening doors of opportunities
  • Escape , enjoy, form friends, question and explore


At Greenmeadow we teach reading to:

  • Learn from the past and help form and create the future
  • Make choices and open doors of opportunities
  • Foster imagination and creativity
  • Make sense of, and engage with the wider world
  • Grow as a person through building character, emotional range and viewpoints
  • Expand your skills and knowledge to apply in everyday life
  • Develop the language and vocabulary to express thoughts and opinions
  • Escape , enjoy, form friends, question and explore


 Spelling Resources



Reception Spelling Program 

Year 1 Spelling Program

Year 2 Spelling Overview - The bridge between Phonics and Spelling

 Year 3 Spelling Program

 Year 4 Spelling Program

 Year 5 Spelling Program

 Year 6 Spelling Program


Please find below the English Learning Progressions

Reading Comprehension Learning Progression

Writing Learning Progression