Greenmeadow Primary School

School Day

The normal school timings are:

 Gates open at 8.35AM - we would like all children to come into school at this time 

 Lessons begin at 8.45AM - children need to be in class and ready for the day at this time 

School finishes at 3.25P

Friday -   School finishes at 1.10PM

The normal school week is as follows:

Monday        08.45am - 3.25pm  

Tuesday       08.45am - 3.25pm  

Wednesday  08.45am - 3.25pm  

Thursday      08.45am - 3.25pm 

Friday           08.45am - 1.10pm  

Children may arrive 10 minutes before beginning of the morning session when a teacher will be on duty.  No responsibility can be taken for the supervision of children who arrive before this time.