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At Greenmeadow, we believe music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.  Positive musical experiences are directly linked to improved mental well-being and the expression of emotions.  We aim to provide pupils with the vocabulary of music which enables them to evaluate and develop their knowledge and understanding of musical techniques.  With the use of Charanga, we build skills using repetition and addition of new concepts as the children progress through the school.  Children are exposed to a wide range of musical styles and are taught to perform and create in a variety of ways.

We are very fortunate to enjoy a range of visitors who put on musical performances for the children. Here musicians from Swindon Music Service played their stringed instruments to the children in a lively performance. The pupils heard music from all around the world demonstrating their different styles found in those areas of the world. They heard music from Ireland, Germany, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Jamaica, China and North America all being played on a violin, voila and a cello. Over the years, we arrange a range of performances across a range of musical styles with string, rock band and brass performances. In addition, our pupils in Y4-Y6 perform to their families showcasing their musical skills on the recorder and clarinet. Over the year, we have many other opportunities for performances to an audience for singers and musicians- Carols by Candlelight, Wyvern music festival performances and individual opportunities to perform in assembly. Children have performed on the piano and violin. With many children having the opportunity for individual music lessons on the piano, violin, guitar and now brass instruments we are looking forward to extending these opportunities.   

Can I learn an instrument? 

All Y2 and KS2 children have been given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Year 2, 3and 4 learn the recorder which then progresses into the clarinet in Y5 and Y6. These sessions are taught by specialist music teachers from Swindon Music service.

There is also the opportunity for all pupils to learn an instrument through the peripatetic music service (the piano, violin, guitar and now brass instruments). Please contact the office for further details.


National Curriculum Music Repertoire. 

Our focus pieces this term are...

We are listening to this week...

Do you like the pieces above? Why?

Can you describe the piece by using music terminology (pitch, dynamics, timbres, texture, structure, tempo)?

To download the syllabus for each year, please click on the relevant year group below.

Each PowerPoint contains YouTube links to all the recommended listening for your enjoyment.

Which is your favourite piece?

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Please find below the Music Learning Progression

Music Learning Progression