Greenmeadow Primary School

Home Learning

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What do I do if my child is absent for a reason related to Covid?

 Public Health England and the NHS provide guidance for who needs to isolate and for how long. It is important that this guidance is followed for the health of all.

If your child is absent for a reason relating to Covid there are two pathways to follow:

  • If your child is feeling ill they may need to rest, have extra fluids etc. It is important that you follow advice from your doctor / pharmacist
  • If you child is not ill, they will need to continue with their learning

All children have come home with a maths pack and for our younger children an additional phonics pack. These can be used to supplement any work that your child is set.


On the first day of absence

On the first day of absence, we ask that you inform the school office - either by email or phone at the earliest point. This information will then be shared with your child's class teacher. On the first day there is a range of work that your child can begin immediately. They can:

  • Use their maths and phonics packs to reinforce key basic skills and knowledge
  • Complete their home reading - please record in the reading record
  • Play TTRS - Times Table RockStars
  • Complete any homework that has been set

Your child's class teacher will email you, at the earliest point, a plan of work for the day. This will be linked to the work in class  so that children can continue to learn together. This will include English, maths and a range of other subjects. The other subjects are just as important as not only do they provide opportunities to develop further skills and knowledge but just they also provide other opportunities to develop a range of skills such as fitness and relaxation. We ask that you email back the work that your child has completed at the end of each school day. This is important so that teachers can see how your child is getting on and to see if there is anything further they can do to support. 

This pattern of learning will continue until your child returns to school.