Greenmeadow Primary School

Parents, Carers and Visitors

Would you like to know more about life at Greenmeadow Primary School? Above is our latest brochure which will give you a flavour of what life here is like. Please contact the school office for any further enquiries.



In September, welcomed back all of our children and families to the school. Below are the answers to some questions that you may have:


Working Groups

The children will be in classes with their teacher and teaching assistant(s). In most instances, working groups will be restricted to a class however in some instances children will be allocated into year group or locational groups. 


Classroom Arrangements

We have continued to follow local and government guidance with regards to classroom layout. From Y2 upwards the desks have been arranged to face the front of the class.


Pick up and Drop off Times

 At the end of the summer term the new staggered start and end times were communicated to all parents, carers and families. Pick up and drop off organisation will be as it is currently, with everyone using the one way system around the school.  Entry is via the main gate and then you will be directed around the one-way system (dropping your children off as you pass their door).  There will be large numbers of people moving through the playground at this time so we ask that numbers are kept to a minimum i.e. one parent only and that you try to maintain the 1m+ distance between families as you come into school.  We also ask that, where possible, any messages for the teachers be sent via class email so that we are not holding up the movement.


Changes to the School Day

Guidance indicates that at the moment we are not allowed to have large gatherings in the day e.g. assemblies.  Movement will be reduced around the building and use of outdoor space / doors will be used where possible.


Uniform and PE Kit

Children should wear our normal school uniform on their return to school in September.  This includes no jewellery, no hair dye and no nail varnish.  We do understand that shoe buying may have been tricky and that some items may be difficult to get hold of during this period and we will accept that there will be a transition period before uniform is fully available. We do hold some second-hand uniform in school, please contact the office in case we can support you. We ask that all children bring their PE to school on their first day back. Please also include a warm tracksuit and trainers as we will be doing PE outside for some sessions. 


Attendance at School

From the start of term, the government guidance is that all children will be coming back to school. We recognise that people may react differently and have differing needs at this time, a survey will soon be coming out so that we can identify where we can offer additional support. 



In school, we will have clear routines around hand washing and sanitising.  Children will sanitise their hands at the beginning of the school day and wash them after break times and after vising the toilet.  It will be helpful if the children are ready for this. Online there are some good examples of how children need to ensure they wash all of their hands properly.  We will also be reminding them of the ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ mantra, especially as we approach the cold season for all tissues and paper towels.  If you could also remind them of this at home, it would be very helpful.

It is important that we clean the building and resources carefully each day and so ask for your support in collecting children on time so that we have time for our cleaners to enter each room. 


After School Clubs 

At the start of term, we are not looking to run any clubs as per the latest guidance. Once this changes we will let you know.